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Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
Guthrie, Oklahoma — October 1 — 4, 2009

Rockin Acoustic Circus

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Throughout the 60 plus year history of bluegrass music, several young people started breaking musical molds at an early age: Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush and Chris Thile, to name just a few. It appears the Rockin' Acoustic Circus is one such group pushing these musical boundaries in their youth.

Turning heads with an overflowing talent pool and musicianship beyond their years, this six-piece ensemble comprised of five teens and one musical veteran are wowing crowds and critics alike. Quickly morphing from a well-received regional favorite into a group with nationally recognized aspirations, they've already blown away folks at award winning music festivals and shared the stage with well-known artists like Sam Bush, John Cowan, Darol Anger and Byron Berline.

Next on the horizon appears to be one small step for bluegrass, but one giant leap for RAC.

As they continue putting their unique mark on their music and writing more originals to add to their already impressive repertoire, listening to their acoustical fused music influenced by bluegrass, jazz, classical, swing, blues and even some rock-n-roll, make them an incredible listening experience.

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