Crary, Evans, and Barnick

Years at Winfield: 

It was 2017 when the paths of CRARY, EVANS & BARNICK intersected; the result was an acoustic power-trio that can only be described as must-hear, must-see. Dan Crary, one of the founding fathers of Bluegrass guitar flatpicking, is a familiar favorite of generations of Walnut Valley fans. He is joined by Bill Evans, one of the most celebrated virtuosos in the history of the banjo, and their soulful-singing partner and bass man, Wally Barnick. The music that explodes from these guys is dynamic and sweet, entertaining and original, deep in tradition and ground breaking, all at the same time. Crary, Evans and Barnick will come to you this year at the top of their game and sure to appear on your best-musical-memories list for Winfield 2018.