Crow Johnson

Years at Winfield: 

There's a woman named Crow, who lives in the deep woods of Arkansas, plays guitar, piano, harmonica, and banjo. She also sings songs with lyrics that paint their way through often-complicated melodies. And she's something to crow about!

Since the 1970's Crow Johnson has been traveling from Arkansas to the Walnut Valley Festival to the southern tip of India. Crow has also often been found hanging around stage 5 in the Pecan Grove. Why Stage 5 you ask? Because, the song-writing showcase started on this stage. The New Songs showcase this year will be held on Thursday and Saturday afternoons on Stage 3.

Born into the artist communities of Greenwich Village and Woodstock, NY, Crow was destine to play and sing. Her father was a classical composer and jazz pianist, her mother a flute student and stepmother a viola/violinist. WOW! What can we expect?

Growing up in Texas, it was her grandfather who first took to calling her "Crow." It was he who played a big part in raising her. Coffeehouses, folk clubs, TV, radio and concert appearances carried her through her college years in Austin, TX where she earned a degree in Zoology.

Crow, a contemporary folk musician, has long been recognized as a songwriter/performer. In fact, she has been hailed as a songwriter's songwriter. A recipient of the Kate Wolf Memorial Award in recognition of the ability to write and perform music which "touches the lives and hearts of her audience," Crow's songs stir the very core of our essence to new depth, and we recognize in her message a new and deeper appreciation of life. And that appreciation of life takes on a new meaning since Crow is a cancer survivor since 1991; she carries an awareness of our brief time on earth here. She attributes her positive attitude to "loving every minute I'm breathing." And as she contributes that love of life to us, we are indeed enriched.

Crow's expressive voice, her enigmatic stage presence and her dedication to caring for this planet make her a multi-faceted gem. She play "jazzy/blues/traditional" styled songs with guitar, piano and banjo, weaving in humorous and touching stories. Tom Paxton put it precisely and correctly: "If Crow is a new experience for you, then prepare to fall in love."