Crucial Smith

Years at Winfield: 

Young and old alike are taken with a group who call themselves "Crucial Smith." Their harmony, progressive melodies and incredible musicianship, coupled together with an uncanny feel for the material, make them simply irresistible.

Crucial Smith has effectively established itself as the "in group." The band's followers cross all musical boundaries. They appeal to the traditional bluegrass fans as well as the non-traditional ones. The most avid country music lovers enjoy their music and the younger generation, especially the college students, enjoy their style too. The "Crucial sound" has been shaped into a skillfully executed, articulate musical presentation that "moves your spirit."

Each member of Crucial Smith is a published writer, and each has his own style. Together they create a progressive, contemporary sound reflecting a myriad of influences. The group is made up of Chris Joslin (dobro/banjo), Tim May (guitar, vocals), Kyle Wood(mandolin, vocals), Gretchen Priest-May (violin/fiddle), and Dave Holladay (bass, vocals). All are from Tennessee except May who hails from Mississippi.

Crucial Smith has performed at prestigious music festivals around the country, including Winterhawk, The Gutherie Oklahoma Music Festival, The Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, The IBMA Fan Fest and Wings and Strings. Praise for this group has been immediate and widespread and as one legendary bluegrass star said, "If you don't hear about this band, there's something wrong!"

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