Dan LaVoie

Years at Winfield: 

Dan LaVoie was born with a congenital enthusiasm for playing guitar. At age 15, having outgrown the skill set of 4 instructors in 4 years, Dan's natural ability encouraged him to begin teaching the instrument to others. During his years as a tutor Dan, calling on the inspiration of Richie Havens, Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, Harry Chapin and more, began composing and performing original material. It was the late innovative guitarist Michael Hedges who launched Dan's mission to bring back to the forefront the long neglected harp guitar. Harp guitar in tow, Dan LaVoie set forth to not only demonstrate his excellence in composition, performance and production, but to engage the mainstream singer/songwriter audience. Dan recently returned from his tour overseas with a number of headlining performances in the UK. Receiving immediate local acclaim Dan's self titled CD is now being distributed in London, England through The Wunjo Guitar Shop. In addition, Dan LaVoie's domestic appearances continue to increase. April 2005, found Dan performing alongside Vinx for a four show stint at Sweet Rhythm in New York City. In May, 2005 Dan opened for Vance Gilbert at Godfrey Daniels in Pennsylvania. Other venues that have played host to Dan's celebrated style include The Point, the Stone Pony, Crossroads, The Barron Arts Center, The Worlds debut Harp Guitar Gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia and many more. Press and radio continue to demand more material from Dan LaVoie. Media outlets that have already featured Dan include CNN Headline News and the Patriot Media Cable TV show. He can also be heard on heavy rotation on New Jersey radio stations on 90.5 The Night, 88.7 WRSU, 88.1 WDIY Acoustic Eclectic, 103.3 WPRB, 89.1 WFDU, and 88.5 WXPN. He is consistently featured in many New Jersey music publications and his regularly reviewed by the Courier News. Dan is often approached by sponsorship opportunities. Currently Dan plays Ron Spillers instruments exclusively and is endorsed by D'Aquisto Strings, Sunrise Pickups and K&K pickups. With a consistently increasing fan base, media coverage and on-air exposure it is no doubt that Dan LaVoie continues to impress and delight audiences all across the US and abroad. Currently Dan can be seen performing live throughout the US and is continuing his plans for a national fall tour and another tour in the UK in 2007. "Dan's soaring execution will drop the jaws of unsuspecting acoustic music fans and impress those familiar with this young man's chops" - Bob Makin, Courier News "Dan's extraordinary harp guitar skills and inherent marketability is just what the folk genre needs to compete for mainstream focus." - Jennifer L. Pricci, Chorus & Verse "Exciting, emotional and intense music performed on Harp Guitar. On some songs, Dan seamlessly loops his music live in front of his audience to build a full band sound; while on others, he connects with the audience with his passionate singing and songwriting." - Anonymous Blog