Dan Levenson

Years at Winfield: 

Dan Levenson is a multi-instrumentalist who shares his talent, knowledge and respect for traditional music in a variety of settings. He was raised in a musical family and took music lessons in school beginning with piano in the second grade. He took up the violin in the third grade and then in the fourth grade he picked up the guitar.

Dan has been a coffee house performer, dancer with the Coal Country Cloggers of Pittsburgh, PA and played with several bands. He is a sought after teacher and performer. The joy that he finds in traditional music spills over, so that every song has a story and every story has a song.

Levenson has been voted one of the top ten clawhammer banjo players by "Banjo Newsletter" readers. Dan is also a regular columnist for "Banjo Newsletter" and "Dulcimer Times." In addition to all this, he is a founding member and manager of the Boiled Buzzards - Old Time Stringband. As Banjo player "Bluegrass Unlimited" calls his playing, melodic, meticulous and uncluttered. A seasoned professional with many recordings to his name, Dan now often performs solo. Check out his newest CD "Barenaked Banjos".

If you'd like to learn from a master, then you might want to attend either the banjo pre-festival workshop or the fiddle workshop with Dan Levenson as the teacher. These will be held on Wednesday, with the banjo session in the morning and the fiddle session in the afternoon.

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