Ernie Hill

Ernie Hill on Stage
Years at Winfield: 

Ernie Hill is from the southern foothills of the Arkansaw Ozarks. Ernie is singer- songwriter/author/inadvertent story teller. Ernie has been a Walnut Valley Media Staff writer 25 years, as well as a Walnut Valley Festival songwriting contest winner from way back when. Ernie has written a book on "out of the box" creativity, The Cosmic Path to Melody and Lyric". He says it is not a "how to" book, but an introspective walk through the mind and life of one who "pulls songs from thin air", and an attempt to describe what that "thin air", may be. Read about Ernie's writing and his book, along with his cd, "The Highway That Runs Through the Graveyard", at Ernie also is the staff writer for the John Hartford Memorial Festival, held each spring at Bean Blossom IN. He performs "Story Songs" there, with other songwriters he chooses from the line up. He also manages and hosts the John Hartford Songwriter's Challenge contest. 

Unlike most performers who play festivals, listening rooms and bars, Ernie Hill does not do this for a living. He has paid bills with music. He has busked on the street for gas money more than once. "I am not one of the millions who are grinding it out to earn a top billing and better pay. I have a job. I am one of those who write because the Muse likes to bug me when I'm trying to concentrate on something else. I perform because I write, because I have a ball doing it, and because I like to interact with an audience, whether it's a room full of seasoned music lovers and/or critics, or a room full of kids. When I play your venue, don't expect a polished, ego driven perfectionist. Expect a plain old fun loving songwriter who would have just as much fun on the porch with some friends, as he would at Carnegie Hall. (you know, in the audience?)"

When you come to one of Ernie's performances, expect to become part of it somehow, whether you identify with a story that pops out, or whether he actually engages you in a discussion, or a sing-along. "I like the audience to help me out from time to time. I don’t put on a show. I put on a musical visit. My motto? 'Be fearless and don’t take yourself too seriously'"