The Euphoria Stringband

Years at Winfield: 

Take a few spirited musicians.....add a penchant for fun.....and add to that a love for exuberant old-time songs and fiddle tunes. The result? A lively memorable show, sure to delight any age audience.

The name of the group is the Euphoria Stringband. Let their spirited music take you back to the time when people made their own music as a way of socializing and celebrating.

This fun-loving group of musicians and dancers recreates a broadcast of a 1930's era country radio program, heard "LIVE" over WHY Radio. Enjoy Euphoria's ballads, humorous songs and commercial jingles, some as old as the hills and some penned by band members. You'll tap you toes, laugh a lot, and hum along to the mix of traditional American music and humor.

Hailing from Two Foot Falls, Kansas (rumored to be near Lawrence), the group features the combination of down-home ingredients that created the old-time stringband tradition: Chester Drawers (a.k.a. Jim Krause) sawing away on fiddle, Claude Hammer (Bart Smith) frailing the banjo, Asa Diamond (Dick Powers) strumming the guitar, and Ruby Fernwood (Reva Friedman) balancing that old upright bass. And when Belle Zonnertoes (Bayliss Harsh) and Justin Time (Mike Rundle) clog to an old fiddle tune, you'll want to tap along to the beat.

Rediscover the traditional sounds of rural America, and enjoy a delightful time with the Euphoria Stringband.