Green Flamingos

Years at Winfield: 

Green Flamingos started in 2012, when siblings JL and Annie Friesen first began playing music together.

Green Flamingos play what they refer to as "acoustified rock and pseudo- electrified folk." Consisting primarily of guitar, ukulele, cajon, and great vocals, with upright bass, drums, and piano thrown in here and there, The Green Flamingos play many different varieties of music, from classic rock and oldies to current rock and pop, from classic country to folk and Americana. By taking familiar songs and transforming them into a distinct and unique acoustic-americana style, along with young ears, The Green Flamingos are perfect for an audience of any age.

In 2015, after perfuming as a duo for years, "Bobby J" Edwards was introduced as the third official band member. With talented and creative members, Green Flamingos are an incredible trio that's hard to beat!