Jana Jae & Friends

Years at Winfield: 

With radiant energy, Jana Jae hits the stage! The audience reaction is electrifying. It is these combined qualities of raw enthusiasm and pure musicianship that make her "The First Lady of Country Fiddle." Jana's musical roots run deep as both of her parents studied at the famed Julliard School of Music in NYC. By the age of five, she had become amazingly adept on the violin and a bit later was introduced to country fiddling by her grandfather.

As time progressed, her country fiddling was in great demand, but she continued her classical violin training. She went to college on a music scholarship and studied for a year in Europe at the Vienna Academy of Music.

Her unique blend of country fiddling, western swing and classical styles have thrilled and excited audiences nationally as well as internationally. Jana is not only a great instrumentalist, but a total performer. Her show spotlights her clear, pure voice, her down-home friendly sense of humor and her natural stage presence. She is a powerful whirlwind on stage, enjoying total rapport with the audience.

"All I want to do is play GOOD music and make people happy," says Jana. There's certainly no doubt in anyone's mind that Jana Jae has succeeded in that goal.