Julie Davis

Years at Winfield: 

Julie Davis is a musician, storyteller, teacher innovator, performer, organizer, nurturer and guiding light to many in the Denver, CO area. She is at the center of the Denver folk music scene and has long been associated with that city’s Swallow Hill Music Association which honored her by naming its music school the Julie Davis Music School. She has done much to preserve and promote traditional and acoustic music. In 1983 she began volunteering at Swallow Hill, and when its Board of Directors seriously considered closing the school, she asked the Board to give her six months to restart the music school and make it viable and as you can see, the rest is history. Julie started workshops and classes lead by regional performing artists and was soon hired as the Music School Director.

Julie is now also gaining a great deal of recognition as a storyteller and has been the keynote speaker at a National Storytelling Conference. Besides having a lovely voice, her musical talents include being an accomplished autoharpist, guitarist and a delightful touch of flute. Julie is a longtime favorite at the Festival. She has been a featured solo performer and also played with the band, Safe Harbor. In addition she has served as a stage emcee for a number of years. Julie has the dedication, vision and energy to accomplish whatever is set before her.

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