Kelly and Diana Werts

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Kelly and Diana Werts are dedicated to preserving the old-time music of the 1800's with their fiddle, guitar, vocals, accordion, jawbone and spoons. They perform American traditional music with an easy comaraderie that results from years of playing together. Songs from the Old West tell of rugged times when pioneers faced challenges with determination and humor, songs which Kelly and Diana deliver with energy and warmth. Their shows are full of audience participation, along with some hot picking and fiddling.

The Wertses are full-time folk musicians, and have recorded on various successful album projects together and with their trio, The Plaid Family. In 1993, they appeared in the TNN music video special, "Music of the Wild West". Kelly, who has won awards for his fiddling and fingerstyle guitar-playing, also appeared as a fiddler in the 1999 Hollywood movie, "Ride With the Devil".

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