The Krüger Brothers

Years at Winfield: 

The impressive history of America has always been highlighted by adventurous individuals from this tiny alpine country of Switzerland. General Sutter's nugget started the famous California Gold Rush ... Louis J. Chevrolet contributed toward the development of the automobile ... and then one day over the foothills of North Carolina came the amazing bluegrass music of the Krüger Brothers, a truly gifted trio from Switzerland.

Uwe and Jens Krüger have been performing bluegrass music professionally for the past 25 years throughout countries of the old world. Perhaps the secret of their success lies in their ability to radiate true inner peace and happiness, while their articulate virtuoso guitar and banjo work cruises at over 200 beats per minute. Accompanied by a competent and most witty New Yorker, Joel Landsberg on the bass, the Krüger Brothers weave a tonal tapestry worthy of any concert or festival.

With astute accuracy, they integrate age old European musical structures and nodal tonalities with those of traditional Appalachian folk music. Which, when you stop and think about it, actually makes sense in this growing and increasingly popular genre. Both worlds do have an inherent and deeply rooted relationship.

Decide for yourself if Switzerland continues to contribute to the great American way. You will leave smiling and knowing that the Krüger Brothers have arrived in the new world.

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