Linda Tilton

Years at Winfield: 

Linda Tilton is truly a Festival favorite. If you bump into her, or see her after one of her performances, take time to stop and chat with her a while. She has a lot of stories to tell.

Linda hasn’t missed a Festival since she first started in 1989. She became interested in sign language when her third grade teacher made her write a book report. Linda chose to write about Helen Keller, learned the manual alphabet from the back of the book, and, as they say, the rest is history. All you need to do is watch her exhibit her artful blend of sign language and dance and you’ll soon realize how much she enjoys her work.

Besides interpreting at the Festival, Linda continues to interpret events in the greater Kansas City area and in the Midwest. She will be on stage with a variety of performers at the Festival this year. Look for the “hands” symbol on the schedule for her performances. Linda, we appreciate the service you perform for our hearing impaired music enthusiasts.