Live Bait

Years at Winfield: 

If you ever attend the Fish House Music Chamber in Sedan, KS you're liable to see and hear a group that calls themselves Live Bait. They are the house band at this coffee house in southeastern Kansas which is owned by one of the members of the group.

Live Bait enjoys playing the old standard bluegrass tunes as well as some of their own original music. They will also from time to time play some of those old rock-n-roll numbers but done bluegrass style. The group has been together now for over six years. Mackie Redd plays mandolin, guitar and sometime fiddle and sings lead and harmony vocals. He is an accomplished songwriter as well as the owner of the Fish House Music Chamber in Sedan. Dave Hart plays guitar, sings lead and harmony vocals and has written some original music. Larry Jones plays banjo, sings lead and harmony vocals and is also a songwriter. The last member of the group, Russell Brace, plays acoustic and electric bass, sings harmony vocals and writes music as well.

The band has two albums to their credit with rather unique titles. The first was released in 1993 and was entitled "Mackie Redd and Live Bait - Unhooked at the Fish House" and the second came out in 1996 and was called "Live Bait - Off the Hook."

In addition to performing with the group, each of the members work day jobs. Mackie owns the Fish House Music Chamber and owns a floor covering store and a jelly manufacturing company. Dave works for an office machines company and is involved in community theater in Ponca City, OK. Larry works for Cessna Aircraft and is an electronics buff building robots and tinkering with wires and motors. Russell is an Assistant Golf Superintendent in Wichita and is also hooked on tie-dying. In case you didn't know he is also the owner (proud owner I might add) of Stage 5 at the Walnut Valley Festival at the Pecan Grove. The Stage consists of a 1954 Chevy wheat truck and is a popular place for both entertainers and festival-goers.

Live Bait is a high energy and fun bluegrass band. Interacting with their audiences is one of the bands strong suits. If you are looking for a fun time with bluegrass music, don't miss a group called Live Bait.