Mark Johnson & Emory Lester

Years at Winfield: 

Mark Johnson and Emory Lester are masters! They are two severely talented guys. Johnson plays the clawhammer banjo and Lester plays the mandolin and guitar. They have distinctive styles and have taught throughout the United States at various festivals and acoustic music schools.

Mark Johnson has revolutionized the art of playing clawhammer style banjo and advanced the five –string banjo well into uncharted territory by incorporating complex rhythmic runs and beautiful melodies into his banjo music. He calls his banjo style “Clawgrass” and his style will shatter and expand any preconceived notions the listener may have had about clawhammer banjo playing. Mark has performed and recorded with many bluegrass and acoustic musicians and is a gifted teacher and songwriter as well.

Emory Lester is an American master of the acoustic mandolin. His mandolin style has caught the attention of many other mandolin masters and he has performed and recorded with some of today’s hottest acts. Emory is also a gifted teacher and songwriter as well. The power of his playing is unmatched, and his sound is infectious.

When you put these two masters together you get double masters. The duo features Emory’s guitar, mandolin and vocal work, with Mark providing supporting vocal with his highly innovative banjo playing. The music they present will be sure to touch every listener, and create a memorable experience.