NewFound Road

Years at Winfield: 

NewFound Road has been called one of the most exciting bluegrass bands of the new millennium. In the past year, the band has shared the stage with a diverse array of artists including Oscar winner The Swell Season, Grand Ole Opry member Joe Diffie, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer Mavis Staples, Grammy nominated R&B artist Ryan Shaw, folk icon Judy Collins, and a long list of country and bluegrass artists and legends.

In 2010, NewFound Road made its debut on the legendary stage of The Grand Ole Opry. The band’s exciting and energetic stage show brought the members a busy touring schedule, playing to thousands of music lovers across the United States during its 2010 touring season - which for NewFound Road, is year round. Whether playing a bluegrass festival, folk festival, performing arts center, theater, or small club, the band inevitably leaves its audience yearning for more. The music is powerful and streamlined, featuring hard-driving, soulful contemporary bluegrass as well as achingly beautiful country and pop ballads.

Music critic and writer Robert K. Oermann has stated, “There is not a more soulful singer in bluegrass than NewFound Road’s Tim Shelton.” Shelton, a founder of the band, is surrounded by a compliment of equally impressive musicians. With a rockstar-like stage presence, Joe Booher continues to dazzle music lovers with his magical mandolin playing. The glue to the rhythm section is Joe’s younger brother Jamey, with his impeccable timing and tone on bass. The other great stage presence is Josh Miller on banjo, guitar, and vocals. This group of dynamic young veterans has a live show that features a mix of their time-proven favorites, as well as music that at first glance would seem unlikely fare for an Acoustic/Bluegrass repertoire. NFR manages to pull it off seamlessly, consistently amazing fans and critics alike.

NewFound Road toured throughout 2011 in support of their new recording NFR-Live At The Down Home, their third release on the Rounder Records label and their first live recording. Same Old Place, NFR’s previous project, made its debut at #8 on the Billboard Top 10 Sales Chart.