The Prowell Family

Years at Winfield: 

The Prowell Family, based out of Lenexa Kansas, is a very entertaining group from start to finish. They play bluegrass, gospel, Celtic, and cowboy tunes at churches, festivals, RV parks, and community events. They also write their own music, which they have released on two CDs titled Music Is Our Mission and Potluck Supper.

Scott Prowell spent 21 years playing mandolin and banjo in the band Spontaneous Combustion, which disbanded in 2007. Now he is joined by his wife Cynthia on upright bass, along with daughters Sadie (15) on guitar, and Emma (13) on fiddle and mandolin. Sadie’s pure voice and Emma’s fine fiddling highlight their shows. The family’s high-energy music is interlaced with warmth in every melody which resonates right down to the rhythm of each song. They have played in 22 states over the last three years and average about 100 concerts per year.

The Prowell Family moved into an RV and went on the road in 2007, initially doing volunteer work at churches and church camps while home schooling their daughters and teaching them instruments. Cynthia teaches them piano and Scott works with them on stringed instruments. At a young age, the girls have become seasoned players. The family spends their winters in south Texas entertaining snowbirds at RV parks and events; and share their all-gospel set at local churches year-round. With tight family harmonies and an energetic style, you’re sure to be moved in a special way by this all-American family.