Years at Winfield: 

These performances on Friday and Saturday evening by festival favorite, Beppe Gambetta, his son Filippo, and his longtime friend Carlo Aonzo, whom some may remember from his 1997 win in the Walnut Valley Mandolin Contest, from Savona, Italy will take you back in history to turn-of-the-century Italy and the special music of that era.

The show comes from long research about the Genoese string virtuosi of the turn of this century and the music is based on transcriptions from some early recordings of this age.

In these special concerts, Carlo, Filippo and Beppe will present tunes from both classical and folk tradition, like mazurkas, tangos, serenades, boleros, czardas, adaptation and arrangement of opera’s pieces, polkas and marches in accordance with the taste and manner of that time. The concert is played totally acoustic, with instruments reconstructed in the old style and clothing in accordance with the period.

Step back in time and place and enjoy a wonderful performance that will leave you breathless.

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