Years at Winfield: 

Back in 1989, Richelle Basgall and Victor Dougherty graduated from a small ensemble making a big showing at pubs, colleges, fairs and Renaissance Festivals around the Midwest. Realizing they had a unique and dynamic chemistry, and armed with the savvy that their experiences had brought them, they struck out into a more progressive vein of Celtic music - a blending of traditional songs with modern arrangements and harmonies that has come to be known as Shenanigans. Between Victor's percussive guitar-play and stage-presence, and Richelle's inspired fiddling and rich vocals, the band became an instant regional favorite. In three seasons, they sold over 2,500 copies of their first recording, and as they amassed an impressive list of credits and venues, a new member was graduating from college. Kelly Hill married into Shenanigans (to Victor), and the band soon discovered her hidden talents for step-dancing and singing. Now a full-fledged stage show, they began catching the eye of regional Irish festivals and are now a mainstay at shows like the Westport Irish Festival, the Brookside Irish Festival, the Santa Fe Trails Bluegrass Festival, and many more. The future is quite bright for these "Darlings of Donegal." Their 2000 season was highlighted by the release of their new CD, "Forest Through the Trees", and the addition of Kenny Hyland, on guitar and bass, has afforded flexibility, as well as a solid foundation, for Shenanigans.