Socks in the Frying Pan

Years at Winfield: 

This young traditional trio from County Clare blends Irish traditional melodies with an innovative rhythmic and melodic garnish. These socks are audibly palatable! As for the inevitable question of where the name originated? This is yet to be disclosed! Having gained a fan-base from four years of gigging around the west of Ireland, this exciting group has recently started branching out and has been well received for their modern traditional style and energetic approach to music. This, combined with an acoustic musical interplay, three-part harmony and an obvious love for live performance, compliments the traditional essence of both tune and songs in a fresh and entertaining way.

Aodán Coyne, having been brought up in the musically rich Coyne family where his grandfather Eamon and father Mick were both well respected traditional musicians, it was not long before he caught the “music bug”. It was age fifteen that he began playing guitar.

Shane Hayes, like the rest of the band, he was born and raised in Ennis County Clare, the traditional music center of the universe. From the moment he could walk he could be found sitting at the old piano in his house pressing keys and experimenting with the different sounds. He began lessons on the tin whistle at age six and by age eight had begun playing the accordion and has emerged on the scene as one of the most prominent figures in Irish music.

Fiachra Hayes, started playing the fiddle and any other instruments that he could get his hands on from the tender age of three. Along with being encouraged by his family, he was inspired by the great musicians living in Innes, which is a town steeped in traditional Irish music.