Theory Expats

Years at Winfield: 

Theory Expats are a folksy swingin' band based in Goshen, Indiana, featuring Andrew Pauls, Ethan Setiawan, and Sadie Gustafson-Zook. Their focus centers around drawing their collective backgrounds in folk, bluegrass, jazz, swing, rock and pop into a cohesive musical vision with acoustic instruments, rich harmonies and technical chops. After taking music theory 201 with each other at Goshen College and playing sporadically together in the spring of 2014, they decided to form a band.

Sadie (fiddle, guitar, kazoo, ukulele, vocals) has performed across the United States and Europe with her family band and solo since 2000. In 2010 she released her first album, Mélange, and has since sold over 500 copies. In 2011 Sadie won the New Song Showcase songwriting competition with her song, “Unless I Loved”. Currently Sadie is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in vocal performance at Goshen College.

Ethan (mandolin) is also a member of the band Mutual Kumquat. He won the National Mandolin Championship held in Winfield, KS in 2014. Starting on cello when he was 8, and picking up mandolin when he was 13, he has been playing music over half his life. Currently he is studying with jazz mandolinist Don Stiernberg. He has also toured with bluegrass duo The Matchsellers.

Andrew (banjo, guitar, vocals) is a second year student studying music at Goshen College. Originally from Lancaster, PA, he enjoys reading, having enriching conversations, and of course, making music with others.

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