Wall-Eyed Moles

Years at Winfield: 

The Wall-Eyed Moles are Victor (Jeanne Cahill), Vance (Jerome Campbell), and Vivian (Jon Messenger). The band presents an eclectic blend of Americana with roots in Western, Western Swing, Country, Bluegrass, Folk and Jazz. If they can play it they will.

Their music is heartfelt and delivered with gusto that never fails to please their audiences. Their love of music and the enthusiasm they bring to their performances is infectious and their skills and experience brought together manifest with a gift for storytelling with a broad musical pallet.

Jeanne was named as the 2015 Instrumentalist of the year by the Western Music Association, an honor which she also won in 2008. She holds a Master's Degree in music theory, and studied guitar with the immortal Eldon Shamblin, and worked with Leon McAuliffe, both pioneers of Western Swing as member of Bob Wills' Texas Playboys. Jeanne is the real deal with the goods to prove it and she is a direct link to the very roots of Western Swing. She writes, she sings lead and harmony with beauty feeling, and precision.

Jerome Campbell holds the 2006 first place trophy for the prestigious Merle Travis Finger-Picking Contest, held annually in Mountain View, Arkansas. A highly accomplished guitar player, Jerome blends the stylings of Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and countless other influences into a style all his own. He is an accomplished harmony singer and is wonderful entertainer whose generous spirit and good humor touch all the folks he meets.

Jeanne and Jerome played together as Call of the West, based in Oklahoma for a little more than the past twenty-six years. They have been consistent competitors for the Duo of the Year award from the Western Music Association, and Jerome has regularly been in competition with Jeanne as nominee for WMA Instrumentalist of the Year.

This dynamic duo met their good friend and fellow Wall-Eyed Mole Jon Messenger in 1999 and the three have made music together at every opportunity since, eventually morphing into the current configuration as the Wall-Eyed Moles.

Jon is a singer-songwriter of some accomplishment. Many feel that he has written some of the most beautiful and moving songs of the American West. His background and musical influences are broad and eclectic, and his collaboration with Jeanne and Jerome have contributed greatly to his evolution as a gifted entertainer.

Exquisite harmony. Innovative musicianship. Joyful entertainment. These three musicians have been digging through the roots of American music like little musical moles all of their lives and the pursuit of tunes and the rigors of the road have left them wall-eyed from the effort. They revel in the opportunity to engage willing audiences and look forward to the best years of a wonder-filled life in music.