Walnut River String Band

Years at Winfield: 

That’s right! This band was born right here in Winfield, near the Walnut River. The group originally played only for local gatherings but within the last few years they have branched out to perform statewide. The Walnut River String Band enjoys entertaining folks with a mix of bluegrass, old time country and western and American folk. The group consists of Jerry O’Neil on autoharp, and penny whistle; Ned Graham on guitar; Cindy Venn providing percussion; Gaye Young on hammer dulcimer; Dennis Young on bass; Jerry Norton on mandolin; and Rex Flottman on guitar. Graham, Flottman, O’Neil, and Venn share vocal duties.

This group and their music may make you laugh a little, smile a lot, and maybe cry a tear or two, but their songs will stir old memories, and with a little luck will create some new, good memories. In 2002, they performed on Stage 1 at the Walnut Valley Festival with the Walnut Valley Men’s Chorus. This past year was the fourth straight year the played on Stage V where they claimed to be the opening act for Australian Super Guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel. In actuality, their position just happened to work out that way. But what ever, it was “Prime Time” for them and they had a ball! They have shared the stage with the Byron Berline Band, Don Edwards, Bryan Bowers, Pete Huttlinger, and even western swing legends The Brazos Valley Boys and Dugg Collins.

This past year found the Walnut River String Band completing a new CD entitled “Cold Frosty Morning,” the group’s second. Their music on this recording is a mix of songs from bluegrass to Celtic to folk. The final selection includes musical friends, The Walnut Valley Men’s Chorus. Let this group stir your memories with their eclectic style of acoustic music.