Walnut Valley Men's Chorus

Years at Winfield: 

The Walnut valley Men’s Chorus, under the direction of Keith Anglemyer, is a group of Cowley County men whose purpose is to share fellowship through singing while providing a wide variety of musical programs to audiences throughout the area. A few men who had prior experience singing barbershop style music first conceived the Chorus in early 2000. It grew from initially twelve men to a membership of more than 40 individuals from Winfield and surrounding communities. While barbershop music was the main focus on their early rehearsals, the chorus quickly expanded its interest to include other types of music as well, including gospel, spirituals, hymn arrangements and classical folk music.

The Walnut Valley Men’s Chorus provides entertainment for groups and organizations throughout the year, often as many as five to seven times per month. They have performed for the Kansas Special Olympics, sporting events, area community functions, church services, service organizations and area retirements. This is their second year to perform at the Festival and it’s an act you don’t want to miss.