No Strings Attached
Enessay Music

WVA Program 1997

This is foot-tapping music with a kick. No Strings Attached takes songs from a variety of sources and produces a mixture of old-timey, jazzy, blues, swing, Irish, and traditional, resulting in a remarkably listenable CD.

A piece by Jay Unger, "Vladimir's Steamboat" combines hammer dulcimer, harmonica, bass and bouzouki, in an instrumental that really sets the tone of excellence for this CD. This band is unpredictable in their arrangements, too. The second cut, "Under the Apple Tree," a traditional Russian folk song, drifts in to a hot swing number "Rot Club Swing," featuring the hammer dulcimer with an incedible bass thrown in-.

Another characteristic of No Strings Attached is their wide selection of instrumentation. "Waltz of the Jewel," written by band member Randy Marchany, includes a synthesizer, as well as guitar, bass and hammer dulcimer, and "Spirit Feel," with a jazzy feel, includes a piano and a slide bouzouki. "Flor de Santa Cruz," in a Spanish vein features a Slinky (you remember the toy?).

They do out of the ordinary music, too, like "Manha du Carnival" from the movie Black Orpheus, and a Portuguese fandango, "Tras O Monte" which morphs to a number Randy wrote in honor of a 300 person jam at the Augusta Heritage, "Mariachi Meltdown"

No Strings Attached has a CD that should keep everyone happy, no matter what your musical taste. All in all, Bellinzona belongs in everyone's library.

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