Four Spacious Guys

Marley's Ghost

WVA Program 96

Why this band isn't more acclaimed is a great puzzlement, for as their new album confirms, they're one of the most talented and versatile groups in tradi-tional acoustic music. Each member is a more than capable lead singer, and their instrumental skills are wide ranging. Their ear for material is first rate as well, as shown by their choice of songs to cover - Richard Thompson's moving look at the effects of war, "How Will I Ever be Simple Again?", producer Nick Forster's ~ Ground," and Mark Graham's hilarious "I Can See Your Aura and It's Ugly." This release has a bit more old-timey feel to it than past Ghost discs, with a foot stomping medley of "Rock that Cradle, Joe" and "Yellow Rose of Texas," and Hank Bradley's ode to all night jamming, "Them Beautiful Bot-tles." There's gorgeous and powerful Gospel singing all over the place, with one highlight being Dan Wheetman's song, "Oh Ezekial." Ed Littlefleld's pedal steel gives the right country flavor to Mike Phelan's "Hearts Aren't Made of Stone." Maybe the band isn't more ac-claimed because they can't be neatly pigeonholed - they're so good at every-thing they do, and once again, these four spacious (in terms of talent) guys do a lot. If you like a wide range of tradition-al and old time music with a bent towards gospel harmonizing, along with an occasional foray into other styles, this album is for you.

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