Beppe Gambetta with Carlo Aonzo
Acoustic Music Records

To say this recording is unusual would be a big understatement but nonetheless this recording is unusual. The artists featured have aimed to produce music from an obscure era and an artistically fertile geographic region. The music is from the first years of the twentieth century and played masterfully by Beppe and Carlo. The performances are put together in a fashion making the listening pure pleasure. This is great music for any type of pleasure activity. Beppe and Carlo create a rhythmic harmony with each presentation which gives the CD a great, woody, live feel. They have gone to great technical merit to achieve a very delightful listening experience. The recording is excellent for the home or office to create a mood of charm and delight. By using period style instruments, this duo has recreated music that heretofore has never been recorded by modern recording equipment making it very important to musical history. To lovers of good acoustic music, this is an important recording for any collection.

In the Walnut Valley Festival list of artists: