In the Vinyl Tradition - Vol 1

No Strings Attached
Enessay Music

From the WV program, September, 2000

Fans of the fiddle tune played on hammered dulcimer with taste and excitement will have no trouble finding what they need with this recording. This CD is a media modernization for No Strings Attached, yet "modernization" is an unusual term to describe the content of "In the Vinyl Traditon." Previous releases from 1984 (the Isle of Laneghans) and the 1985 (Traditional Music of the Future) are combined on the CD. The core of the ensemble, Wes Chappell, Suzy Gorsline, Pete Hastings, and Randy Marchany remained the same from both records and bass players changed from Russell May to Bob Thomas with no change in the color of the group's music.

In the Walnut Valley Festival list of artists: