Aaron Thornton

Aaron Thornton of Carriere, MS was the third place winner in the mountain dulcimer contest in 2007. Aaron has entered this contest three times and this time he made the cut to the final five and on to third place. He wanted to enter this contest because it is a “National” contest and placing in this would be important. Thornton is a 24-year old Wal-Mart Associate who also plays the mandolin. His uncle, Bill Burks gave him his first one. You see, his uncle builds mt. dulcimers and he wanted Aaron to have one and that was nine years ago. He loves playing music and jamming here at the festival as this is his third time to come to Winfield and the Festival. Thornton has a hobby of collecting old stringed musical instruments and old music records. . The third place trophy, $100 and a 4FGCS Mountain Dulcimer by The Dulcimer Shoppe/McSpadden of Mountain View, AR, was the result of his efforts.