Amanda Roberts

Contest Place Year
National Hammer Dulcimer Championship First 2017

2017 - Amanda Roberts hails from Dayton, OH and she placed first in this competition. This was Amanda’s first time to Winfield and the Festival. She is the mother of four children and the staff Pianist at Wright State University. She considers herself a musician and a teacher. She teaches music in the elementary grades and at the high school level it is music history. Amanda won the Mid-East Regional Hammer Dulcimer competition and that qualified her for the Festival’s contest. In addition to the hammer dulcimer she plays the piano and percussion. Music arranging, spending time with her family and “just hanging out with friends” is what she liked doing when not busy playing the dulcimer and all of her other activities. Amanda won a check for $125, the 1st Place Trophy and a Master Works Russell Cook Edition Extended Range Hammer Dulcimer CBWXR by Master Works of Bennington, OK.