Antoine Dufour

In 2006, the third place trophy and a Gallagher GA-70 Guitar by Gallagher and Son of Wartrace, TN went to a Canadian, Antoine Dufour, from Mascouche, Quebec, Canada. This Canadian is a young 26-year-old Guitar teacher and solo performer. He is making his second trip to this Festival and this contest. Antoine started playing the guitar at the tender age of 15 when his mother gave him her classical guitar. Not only is he talented musically, Antoine is also talented with a pencil, as he likes to draw and create art with the old fashioned wooden pencil. This November Antione will be kept busy as a part of the traveling International Guitar Night all over Canada. He will be touring with three other guitarists Peppino I’Hgostino, Andrew White and Brian Gore. Antoine is very excited about the project. Last year he toured KS and CO performing.