Brian Roe

Brian Roe of Hasty/Loveland, Colorado placed 3rd in the 2007 mandolin contest. He is a youngster, just 18-years old who classifies himself as a student/musician. He is being home schooled by his parents as they are “on the road” much of the year. He is a part of the “Roe Family Band” and this past year they have done some 250 shows all across the country. Brian is a multi-talented young man as he plays guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, mountain dulcimer, and tenor banjo. In fact, he has entered the flat pick guitar contest 5 times and is entered again this year. He has been playing the mandolin for just 6 short years. Brian classifies coming to Winfield as “his favorite time of year. Brian chose the BRWFT-MS Mandolin by BRW Musical Instruments of Ostrander, OH and he also takes home the 3rd Place Trophy.