Brook Wallace

Brook Wallace of Burleson, TX, an 18-year old (almost 19-year old) student took first place in the 2007 Fiddle Contest. Brook is a college student majoring in music at Tarrant County College and she plays in the TCC Jazz Band. This is her second time to Winfield and the Festival. She says she had to come back because she had the desire to place first in this contest. She has been playing the fiddle most of her life as she started playing when she was only 7-years old. Brook also plays the guitar, mandolin and piano. Her parents gave her the first fiddle she says, “Because I kept after them to get me one.” She also plays in her family’s band, The Wallace Family Band. Brook enjoys drama and has participated in plays in high school and now college. She also enjoys her horses, writing and “not cleaning the kitchen.” Evidently mom has inflicted this task on her a few times. Brook takes back to TX the 1st place trophy, $250 and a Simon Nandor Violin provided by Keller Strings of Topeka, KS.