Cara Lindsey

Contest Place Year
National Hammer Dulcimer Championship Second 2006

In 2006, a 23–year old, who builds hammer dulcimers for a living place second in this contest. Cara Lindsey of Bennington, OK entered this contest for the second time never having placed before and in 2006 she was a finalist. She has been playing the hammer dulcimer for four and one-half years and she also plays the banjo, but only for about two years. It is interesting to note that she built the instrument she played in the competition and her uncle, Russell Cook built the dulcimer she selected, the champion, chose as her prize. Maybe building hammer dulcimers and playing them is in her blood and who knows, maybe she’ll be next years champion. Her choice of the two remaining hammer dulcimers was a Custom Walnut Valley Russell Cook Edition 16/16C by master Works/Wood ‘N Strings of Arlington, TX. She also won $75 and the 2nd Place Trophy.