Dan Bliss

2016 - Dan Bliss who hails from Merriam, KS placed second in this competition.  He says this is his seventh time to enter this competition.  He placed 2nd in 2005 and 3rd in 2007.  This musician says he has been playing the guitar for about 45 years starting when he was about 13 years old.  Dan has a couple of CD’s out, one entitled “Open for Business” and “That’s what You’re Here For” and number is coming very soon.  Music and family are his hobbies because he says he is too busy for other hobbies.  “Wonderful people and great times” are his comments about the Festival.   He chose the   Larrivee LV10E Deluxe Guitar by Jean Larrivee Guitars of Oxnard, CA as his prize and that was in addition to the 2nd Place Trophy.


2007 - A 48-year old professional musician from Merriam, KS placed third in the 2007 Fingerstyle competition. Dan Bliss, a professional musician, has entered this contest three times and in 2005 he placed second. He plays a lot in the greater Kansas City area, the upper mid-west and does some teaching. When asked about his early playing days he says he has been playing for 37 years. He began playing on his older brother’s Epiphone guitar and it is still one of his favorite guitars. Dan is married and he and his wife have one child and they are expecting another one soon. About the Festival, Dan says, “I’m starting to feel at home here.” For his talents he won the 2nd place trophy and a Gallagher GA-70 Cut-a-way Guitar by J.W. Gallagher & son of Wartrace, TN.