David Youngman

2015 - First place went to a musician and guitar instructor by the name of David Youngman from Hillsdale, MI. He is a graduate of Spring Harbor University and does some teaching there. This is his third time to enter this contest and last year he took 3rd place. He has been playing the guitar for about 20-years. In addition he plays the piano and drums. He has a couple of CDs out, “Solo Guitar Alive” and “The Duo Project Trust”.

David’s hobbies include photography, exercise and spending time with his wife and three boys and I’m sure the latter comes first. An interesting note is that he was a trumpet major in college but sold the two he had about a year after graduation, purchased a guitar and began focusing on it and hasn’t looked back. David said, “I think it was a better fit for me.”

David chose the Bourgeois OMC Soloist Guitar by Bourgeois Guitars, Inc. of Lewiston, ME and that was in addition to the 1st Place Trophy and a Check for $3,000. He is looking forward to returning to Winfield for the Wednesday evening Champions Concert next year.