Dominick Leslie

Second place in the 2007 mandolin competition went to a 17 year old high school senior, Dominick Leslie of Evergreen, CO. He has been playing the mandolin for seven years and this is the fourth time he has entered this contest. When asked about how he got his first mandolin, Dominick said, “My dad got a mandolin for Christmas when I was 10 and I started playing much more than him.” One of his favorite things to do at the Festival is “pickin and jammin.” Of course he’ll be back to try for first place in this contest. When not playing the mandolin He loves to play soccer and then ing the winter time when Evergreen Lake freezes over he loves to play hockey. He takes back to Colorado the 2nd place trophy and he chose a Collings MF Custom Mandolin by Collings Guitars of Austin, TX.