Doug Smith

In 2006, First place was awarded to Doug Smith of Portland, OR, a professional musician and teacher at Clark Community college in Vancouver, WA, a suburb of Portland, OR. This was Doug’s third try at the Finger Style championship. In 2005 he placed second. He started playing the guitar as a youngster and it was one his parent’s landlord gave him after his parents had rented one for him to “try out.” “As a teacher,” Doug says, “ I often tell parents the same thing with their youngsters.” Doug has recorded much music, some of which has gotten used in commercials. He is also a Grammy Winner. 2005 he and eleven other guitarists were a part of a recording entitled “Pink Guitar – A Tribute to Henry Mancini.” This recording won for Best Pop Instrumental CD. When not playing the guitar, one will find Doug watching movies. You see, he’s a classic old movie buff and when not doing that one can find him riding roller coasters. I believe he has ridden all the biggest and best ones in the USA. For his forty or so years of playing guitar, Doug won $3,000, the 1st Place Trophy and a Larrivee LV-10 guitar by Jean Larrivee Guitars of Oxnard, CA.

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