Erin Rogers

First place in mountain dulcimer for 2004 was awarded to a seventeen-year-old Concordia, KS high school senior. Erin Rogers has been coming to the Festival for, she says, at least 13 years. She has entered this contest for the last six years and in 2003 she made the cut to five. This year she was number one. Erin says she is a student at Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood Academy, but is actually home schooled. She has been playing the Mt. Dulcimer for, according to her, forever. Really only 10 years but according to a teenager, that’s forever. In addition to the Mt. Dulcimer she plays piano and a little on a variety of other stringed instruments. Her first instrument was a birthday present from her folks. Erin said, “I wanted any instrument. Dad found a MD cheap and I’ve been playing it ever since.” By the way, she’s given her instrument a name; it’s called “Happy.” Music seems to be her hobby but so are contra dancing, camping and friends. When not doing all of this she plays with her family in a group called “Scenic Roots.” The family camps frequently and one of their camping buddies asked her dad when was she going to get a “real” instrument. Erin says, “I think I got him convinced that the Mt Dulcimer is a real instrument. For her efforts she takes home a check for $150 and a KOA Custom Model FH12KK Mt Dulcimer by Mc Spadden Dulcimer of Mountain View, AR.

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