Gary "Biscuit" Davis

Gary Davis of Knoxville, TN placed 1st in 1979, 2nd in 1986, 1st in 1988, 1st in 1996 and now 1st in 2012. Gary came this year at the urging of his dear friend, Steve Kaufman. In addition to the banjo, he plays the guitar. In the Contest he played an Imperial Banjo. It was the one he won back in 1979 at the Festival when he was just 16 years old. Gary’s favorite things to do at the festival are to jam, jam, jam and eat. He loves returning to Winfield as he says, “to visit with all my friends.” His hobbies include hot rods and street machines but most of all being a Dad and husband. As we were finishing up our interview, a 74-year old gentleman came up to him and asked him what kind of banjo he should buy as his first banjo. Gary suggested a few to him and then told if he wanted he would be his teacher and then next year Gary would act as his accompanist when this gentleman competes in the banjo contest. He takes back to Tennessee the 1st Place Trophy and an OME Southern Cross HG50 Banjo by OME Banjos of Boulder, CO