Hannah Farnum

A young 15-year old High School from Galena, MO placed 3nd in this competition. Hannah Farnum is a 15-year old home schooled student who loves playing the fiddle and has been playing the fiddle for the past 9 years. 2012 was Hannah’s first trip to Winfield and the Festival. She came because she wanted to compete. Hanna has competed in other festivals at Branson and Appleton City. In addition to the fiddle she says she “doodles around on the mandolin.” Swimming and hanging out with friends are the things she likes to do most, other than playing the fiddle. Hanna takes back to Galena, MO the 3rd Place Trophy and a Gama Elite Stradivari Birdseye Fiddle represented by the Beautiful Music Violin Shop of Lawrence, KS.