Holten Doucette

2017 - An 18-year old mandolin player from Waller, TX placed 3rd in this competition. Holten Doucette is a home schooled student who has entered this competition three times. In addition to this competition he also enters the Flatpick Guitar competition. With two other brothers and a sister they form a Bluegrass Gospel band called “The Doucettes.” Church events and sports are his favorite things to do when not studying or playing the mandolin. Holten will take back to TX the 3rd Place Trophy and a Clark F5 Mandolin by Clark Mandolins of Boise, ID.

2016 - A young 17-year old home schooled high school senior by the name of Holten Doucette placed 2nd in this competition. He hails from Waller, TX. This was his second time to enter this competition and he also enters the flat pick guitar competition. He has been playing the guitar since he was 11-years old. He says music is his favorite subject in high school and that is obvious from the way he played. He does have a CD out that is entitled “He’s My King.” Sports are his hobbies and if he plays sports like he plays the mandolin I’m sure he is good at sports too. Holten loves the atmosphere of the Festival. He takes back to Texas the 2nd Place Trophy and a Collings MF5 Custom Mandolin by Collings Guitars Inc. of Austin, TX.