Isaac Eicher

2017 - A Musician and Band Member from Nashville, TN placed first in this competition. Isaac Eicher has entered this competition ten times.  In 2004 he made the top five; he won first in 2006; and placed second in 2010; and now the winner.  He says coming to the Festival is a family tradition and another reason is to jam and see friends.  The bands he plays with are the “Marcela Pinilla Band” and “Rebecca Frazier and Hit and Run.”  He takes home $275, the 1st Place Trophy and an Ellis F5 Special Mandolin by Ellis Mandolins of Austin, TX.


Isaac Eicher of Sand Springs, OK took second place in this the inaugural National Mandolin Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival. Isaac is a 20-year old Mechanical Engineering student at Oklahoma University and says his minor is Spanish. He took the top spot in this competition in 2006 when it was the Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship and placed in the top five in 2004. Isaac credits his father as his greatest inspiration since his father was a fiddle and mandolin player. He says he doesn’t have much time for outside activities since studying for classes at OU consumes most of his time. Isaac takes back to Oklahoma a Larrivee F-33 Mandolin by Jean Larrivee Guitars of Oxnard, CA.

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