Jake Duncan

In 2006, first place was awarded to Jake Duncan, a 12-year old 7th grade student from Jenks, OK. This was Jake’s second time to enter this contest. Two years ago, Jake said, “I heard this was a very good contest and I wanted to enter. For Jake, the second time is the charm. At the tender age of 9, Jake got his first fiddle. His dad John Duncan gave it to him. As a student Jake likes to play basketball and his favorite subject is Language Arts. When not fiddling Jake likes to draw, play video game of all sorts and drive his go-kart. This young man has his priorities right and is a very humble and thankful person. At the end of the interview, Jake said, “I want to thank Bob Fjeldsted, Rick Morton and all of my friends and especially my family for their support.” The 1st Place Trophy, $250, and a Franz Sandner “Jubilee” Violin by Keller Strings of Topeka, KS were awarded to Jake for his efforts.