James Schlender

A 13-year old student, James Schlender of Bozeman, MT captured 3nd place in the 2007 fiddle contest. This was James’ second time to Winfield and the contest as last year he finished 2nd in this contest. It seems as though James has a tie to Winfield; his dad helped build guitars for Stu Mossman. Science is his favorite subject and he likes to play baseball and some tennis. James said, “I came to have fun and compete against the big guys.” He has been playing the fiddle for only four and one-half years and also plays a little mandolin and guitar. James got his first fiddle from his teacher’s wife’s cousin and he now plays the one that he won last year. He takes back to MT the 3rd Place Trophy and $250. In off time from fiddling and studies James likes to go biking and play ping-pong.