Lance Allen

2015 - Lance Allen of Smyrna, TN was awarded third place by the judges. He considers himself a musician and teacher, teaching at his own lesson studio in Smyran, TN. Lance has entered this contest five times and has placed in the top five twice. The guitar has been his love for the past 20+ years. In addition to the guitar he plays the mandolin, ukulele, bass and banjo. He has four CDs out: “Sometimes in Life” – “Naturally” – “Us Together” and “Melody Maker” When his picture was taken, Lance took a piece of paper out of his pocket showing a picture he drew of himself holding a prize guitar and a trophy and he carried it with him for encouragement.

The prize he won was a Taylor 914ce Grand Auditorium Guitar by Taylor Guitars Inc. of El Cajon, CA. He also takes back to TN the 3rd Place Trophy and you can be sure he’ll be back next year.