Roy Curry

Roy Curry of Chattanooga, TN has entered this competition perhaps as many as sixteen times. When he was announced back stage as the winner for 2012 the other four contestants who placed, clapped and shook hands with Roy. In 1980, 1991 and now 2012 he placed first in this competition, in 2011 he placed second, and in 2007 he placed third. Roy is one of only a small handful of individuals who have won this Championship three times. In all the contests that he has competed in around the country over the years, Roy has taken home 21 guitars. Last year he won the New England Flat Picking Championship. Roy also plays the banjo and the old time banjo. Playing music is a big part of his life and he plays guitar with the band “Lone Mountain Band.” When not playing music he loves to play golf. Dave Higgs in Bluegrass Now said of Roy, “The fanatical pursuit of excellence has propelled Roy to the top of the flatpicking world.” Probably no one would argue with that quote. In addition to the 1st Place Trophy he selected the Collings Winfield Model Mahogany/Adirondack Spruce Guitar by Collings Guitars of Austin, TX.