Steve Luper

2016 - Third place went to a person who is making this his 9th time to enter this contest. Steve Luper of Andover, KS started playing the autoharp in 2005. He has made the top five 5-times (08, 11, 13, 14, and 15). He says the Walnut Valley Staff is just incredible and consistently does an outstanding job from year-to-year; good quality people! Steve says he has been humbled and grateful for the gracious comments of the other contestants and he holds them in high regards. He concludes with “I have no CD, website, Facebook nor twit. I’m just a guy who crawls out from under this rock to share the ‘muse’ who thanks God for a wife of incomparable patience and other enduring qualities.” Steve won the 3rd Place Trophy, $75 in cash and an Oscar Schmidt OS 11021AE Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt/US Music Corporation of Buffalo Grove, IL