Steven Moore

2015 - The first place individual in this contest is a 24-year old bio-chemist for a coal company where he is and Environmental Compliance officer. Steve Moore hails from Clairsville, OH. In 2006 he placed 3rd, in 2007 he made the top five, and in 2008 he was first. Steve has also placed first in such places as Rockygrass, Renofest, and Merlefest. Steve has been playing the banjo for some 16 years and also plays the guitar. He has a solo CD in progress and should be available soon.

Steve wins the 1st Place Trophy and an OME “Odyssey” Bluegrass Banjo by OME Banjos of Boulder, CO.

2006 - In 2006, the third place trophy, and a Deering Black Diamond Banjo by Deering Banjo Company of Spring Valley, CA went to Steve Moore of Bethesda, OH. This was Steve’s first time to Winfield and the contest and he came away a winner. He is a 15-year old high school sophomore who has been playing the banjo for seven years. Zeek Hutchison and Butch Osborne told him about this Festival and urged him to enter the banjo contest. His first banjo was a gift from his parents. The three things he enjoys most are banjo playing, fishing and hunting.